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Why did I start to compete in Mens Physique?

My confidence grew more as people told me I have a good chance to bring a strong physique to NPC or any bodybuilding federation I decid to join.

Reminiscing when Shawn Rhoden & Phil Heath was competing against each other in the NPC Men's Bodybuilding Open Mr. Olympia title I was at work at this time, watching on YouTube, who won and I was inspired. I was telling myself I want to become a bodybuilder, but I didn't know how to train and didn't know where to start, I was working at a Office job at this time but I was inspired by these two individuals competing following a goal living a their life and that's when I decided I wanted to become a bodybuilder. I wanted a transformation in my physique. .

The more I trained I become more disciplined, focus on all my goals. In the fitness industry I grew a passion to create a brand for myself which my physique has to become the example of someone that is a Bodybuilder, someone that is into self care, someone that can help the people in the community to reach their health goals also in body goals setting a healthy transformation in life.

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