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I quit Cigarettes for 10 years

I was a cigarette smoker (Newport menthol) for 10 years. I started at nineteen years old and going into adulthood smoking cigarettes. I was drinking hard liquor (Hennessey, Grey goose) I was also drinking energy drink with hard liquor for about 10 years consistently.

The environment that I grew up in my community this is the normal way to have a good time this is what you do to relax. The ecstasy or the dopamine feeling that I got from smoking cigarettes or drinking liquor obsessively that's what made me feel good that's what made me wanted to continue in this path. I didn't realize I was hurting myself destroying my body from within from what I enjoyed so much. The nicotine chemicals in my bloodstream and in my lungs.

My Doctor told me I have High Blood Pressure Hypertension 2 180/80, borderline diabetes, and having Minor Heart Attacks. The Doctor mention to me this isn't good you are in bad health and you are a young person in your 20s. I could die in a young age, possibly at the age of 32 I was 26 at this time. I told the doctor that will be better than living remind you I have two sons at this time that I want to be in their life. Later on that day, I continued as I always did smoked another cigarette had a shot of Hennessy went with my day. As I slept that night I heard a voice in my head, "I have to live for my sons". You have to get healthier and I woke up from my sleep and I just looked at my sons. We fell asleep in the living room, side-by-side, and I'm telling myself I have to listen. I have to make a change I can't die this way I wanna be in my mothers life still am young and that's when I decided to quit smoking cigarettes, I decided to be healthier. Smoking cigarettes for 10 years practicing being unhealthy for maybe 20 years so I had to reevaluate myself reinvent myself from within, and without to surpass the age that I could've died from 32 years and cancer runs in my family, so I really wanted to change. I really wanted to live for my sons for myself for God.

Is going on 10 years now that I officially quit smoking cigarettes. I don't have the urge I don't think about it. I want to help people quit smoking cigarettes, and let let them realize how Smoking cigarettes, adding those chemicals into our body system is tearing us apart and destroying us.

Thomas Maximo


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